What's Neolitix?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, farmer or a corporate guy looking for the next technology in this space, Neolitix is your sweet track to AgTech.

The Neolithic revolution occurred 9,000 years ago and was the most important change in human history.

Now, with more mouths than ever to feed, with less water and land to use, we are at the edge of the next revolution – Neolitix.

We are a group of experts, dealing with everything Agriculture Technology needs to be deployed: Farming, Technology, Finance, Investments, Intellectual property, Business, law and more…

Our pool of Investors looking for opportunity, Start-ups and technology companies with the next-revolution technologies, all kinds of Farmers that are waiting to test and to adopt the next technology to help them be better farmers in the market and corporates that looking for cooperation with young companies and for innovation.

Our expertise and connections will make your track

to AgTech much faster and much sweeter….

So, come join us!


Our Golden Triangle is your Key to Success!




What can we do for you? 

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You have a great idea, a real disruptive technology that is going to change the world of agriculture, your goals are to make the best strategy, raise fund, increase your company's value, to approach the market, and start your own revolution.


The success of any solution is based upon building products that are fit your target market and to be sure that the market is ready to easily embrace your idea.


We will help you focus on what you are doing best: develop your product.

With our expertise and guidance, developing your strategy, raising fund, developing IP, go-to-market, field test and all your business needs will be much easier.


Our golden triangle: Technology – Farming – business, is your key to success!



The AgTech industry is the next multi-billion-dollar industry that waiting for investors like you, whether you are an angel investor, VC or Private equity investor, we have the knowledge and the guidance you need to start investing in AgTech.


Agriculture and so AgTech are a code name for a huge vertical where no field looks like another, smart farming, irrigation, livestock, crop protection, biotech and so many others – we know them all.


We know your language and your business, understand what is important for you and we will deliver it.


Our golden triangle: Technology – Farming – business, is your key to success!



You have build your business in your two hands, and you manage to supply your customers good and fresh product daily. But the ecosystem is changing every day and your challenges growing even more.

You know that to keep leading you have to be at the top of the edge and to use every technology can help you with that.

But, the amount of new tech is raising, and your business is farming not technologies.

We will help you to choose the right tools to success, to adjust it to your needs and to get the best of it.

We know your needs, we know every relevant technology exist, and we know that the only reason to use it it's to make your business more profitable.

We have no other interest than yours – we are in your side!


Our golden triangle: Technology – Farming – business, is your key to success!



It doesn't matter what verticals you are active today, almost any industrial company exist today can contributed by the agricultural huge market.

If you are a producer – we will make you the right match and you will get the benefit of new endless market.

If your company already at the agribusiness, we will show you how can technology make your business expand.

We already helped companies to approach the market, to adopt new technologies and to break through this track to AgTech.


Our golden triangle: Technology – Farming – business, is your key to success!

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